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Based near London, UK the Aerospheres Group has become a major player in the supply of aircraft materials, such as
  • Paints,
  • Lubricants,
  • Prepregs,
  • Honeycombs,
  • Tapes,
  • Adhesives,
  • Sealants, Metal bars, Extrusions and Sheets, Repair Equipment (Hot Bonders)  and various other maintenance and treatment chemicals backed by such chemical manufacturing giants as Hysol, Fiber Resin, Cytec Fiberite, PRC DeSoto, Aeroshell and 3M.

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Products of CDI Cutting Dynamics, Inc. / Pilgrim Harp CDI Cutting Dynamics, Inc. / Pilgrim Harp

CDI manufactures components for the aircraft interior industries.  The majority of these components are manufactured from aircraft grade aluminum, #4130 steel, stainless, titanium, thermoplastic carbon fiber. Services includes
  • Engineering/Blanking
  • Forming
  • Assembly
  • Plating
  • Hydroforming
  • Heat treating
  • Packaging
  • Kitting
Complete traceability of components is assured, and CDI carries aircraft product liability insurance.

Fluid Cell Forming - Hydroforming
Cutting Dynamics has recently added a fluid cell forming center. This center will enable CDI to produce close tolerance aerospace parts with complex shapes and draws.
The Fluid Cell Forming Process is a type of hydroforming in which the sheet metal is forced to take the shape of only a single rigid die by the action of fluid pressure which acts through a rubber diaphragm. The advantage of this process is that ony a single rigid die is needed. Single dies mean more complex shapes can be formed with material thin-out of less than 10%

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Products of Jonathan Engineering Inc. Jonathan Engineering Inc.

Lightweight Aircraft Interior Solutions
JES’ aircraft interior solutions provide lighter weight designs for commercial aircraft, business jet aircraft, and general aviation aircraft applications.  Jonathan Engineered Solution is a certified AS9100 manufacturer for the Aerospace industry.  Lightweight solutions provide reduced aircraft weight equating to increased fuel savings and significant noise reduction for the design engineers.  JES has developed expertise in the commercial aircraft/ business jet industry, working for years with top aircraft manufacturers.
Engineered for the aircraft industry, they have an industry-leading 128T slide system that is a lightweight slide solution with a small cross-sectional design.  JES aims to save lighter weight-savings, dimensional space and quieter operation movement.  Applications for the retracting drawers locking mechanisms in the open & closed position, and tilting the chassis drawers are a few of their capabilities.
  • Mechanical Sub-Assemblies,
  • Integrated Kits, Steel Slides, Aluminum Slides,
  • Brackets, Trays, Sheet Metal / Sheet Metal Assemblies,
  • Cable Management Systems

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Products of Kreisler Corp. Kreisler Corp.

Kreisler tubular fabrications fly on the leading military, commercial, regional and business jet aircraft. Some of the components produced include
  • Fuel Manifolds,
  • Cooling Baffles,
  • De-Icing Lines,
  • Fuel Tank and Transfer Lines,
  • Air Ducting,
  • Hydraulic Actuation Systems,
  • Environmental Control Lines,
  • APU Service Lines.

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Products of PneuDraulics Inc. PneuDraulics Inc.

Pneudraulics′ hydraulic system components are used worldwide on military, commercial and commuter aircraft as well as on helicopter, business jets and spacecrafts. Key products are:
  • Accumulator,
  • Isolation Valve,
  • Shuttle Valves,
  • Hydraulic Fuse,
  • Lavatory Drain Valves,
  • Shuttle Manifold,
  • Downlock Actuator,
  • Main Hydraulic System Manifold,
  • Flow Regulator,
  • Nose Wheel Steering Unit,
  • Spool Valve,
  • Solenoid valves,
  • Gun Port Door Actuator,
  • Power Pack, Swivel,
  • Hydraulic Compensator

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TYE manufactures fasteners in a wide variety of materials, from alloy steels and aluminum to exotic materi-als and composites.

•    potted-in
•    mechanically attached
•    through hole
•    blind fasteners
•    installation

TYE´s Quality System has been certified to AS9100:2001 Section1 and ISO 9001:2000 (RvA/RAB scheme) through Det Norske Veritas Certification, Inc. (DNV) for the design and manufacture of precision components and specialty fastening products for the aerospace industry. Their Quality System has likewise been appro-ved by the FAA, and they have Technical Standard Order (TSO) C148 authorization on nearly all fastening products. TYE has also worked closely with the FAA and other industry groups in the development of TSO-C148 for fasteners, and with the Screw Thread Conformity Task Force (STC-TF) in responding to quality associated with threaded hardware.

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