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Products of AeroControlex AeroControlex

Mechanical actuators, Pumps, Air data sensors, Water desinfection systems.
AeroControlex works closely with our customers to design and manufacture engineered products that satisfy the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry.
We merge a progressive and forward-looking approach with over 50 years of aerospace experience to identify and engineer value-added, cost-effective, product solutions.

Products :
  • Mechanical actuators: Ball bearing control cables, Sliding control cables, Gearboxes, Cockpit controls, Tension products, Nuclear, Marine
  • Pumps: Fuel pumps, Hydraulic pumps, Lube & sacvenge pumps, Coolant pumps
  • Air data sensors
  • Water Disinfection systems: Inflight, Ground cart

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Products of Ausco Inc. Ausco Inc.

Check valves, plugs, relief valves, specialty valves
Since 1957, AUSCO has been a leading supplier of precision fluid control valves and systems to the aeropsace and defense industries.

AUSCO provides its customers with the most suitable and reliable custom products for any applications up to 10 000 psi and 450° F, and in all kinds of media.

AUSCO has developed a standard range of plugs and inserts with non-return valves suitable for most applications.

From concept to production, we offer a dedicated and experienced team to optimize your system.

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Products of AVS-SYS AVS-SYS

Designer and manufacturer of advanced composite products
AVS-SYS has designed and developed a range of materials and products specifically suited for use in Aerospace Low Pressure Air Distribution and Ventilation Ducting Systems Aircraft Interiors and other high demand environments.
Throughout the development cycle particular emphasis has been applied to create and design materials and products that allow efficient and economic maufacturing using tooling techniques and processes that enable out of autoclave curing, reduced lay-up time, lower energy comsumption and reduced waste.
Typical product types manufactured within our facility include:
  • Carbon Fibre Composite parts for aerospace and other demanding environments
  • Lightweight Aerospace Ducting
  • Moulded Silicone Products

All our products and processes are designed from the ground up to meet the exacting standards of aerospace and other similar demanding situations.

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Products of Crescent Manufacturing Crescent Manufacturing

Crescent Manufacturing is a fastener manufacturer supplying precision fasteners to distributors around the world.

Crescent manufactures and supplies fasteners and miniature screws to many varied industries through our fastener distributors, both domestic and international. These industries include: electronics, automotive, computer technologies, aerospace, military, marine, aeronautics, telecommunications, consumer products, industrial products and medical and optical equipment.

Crescent Manufacturing: Proudly Made in the U.S.A

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Products of Custom Control Sensors - CCS Custom Control Sensors - CCS

Pressure, temperature, and flow switches and sensors
Established in 1958, Custom Control Sensors (CCS) is a globally recognized Engineering and Technology-driven company, producing highly reliable precision products, and utilizing proven “Dual-Snap” disc spring and electronic solid-state sensing technologies.
Today, CCS products are used on thousands of global Aerospace, Defense and Industrial applications.

All Aerospace products are custom-engineered, designed and manufactured to the exact specifications of our customers, which includes comprehensive R&D, prototyping, qualifying and lab testing-MIL-STD-819 and RTC/DO-160.

Certifications :
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • EN/JISQ/AS9100:2009
  • IPC/J-STD-001 Soldering Certified
  • RoHS Compliant
  • REACH Compliant
  • Conflict Minerals Free

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Products of Jonathan Engineering Inc. Jonathan Engineering Inc.

Lightweight Aircraft Interior Solutions
JES’ aircraft interior solutions provide lighter weight designs for commercial aircraft, business jet aircraft, and general aviation aircraft applications.  Jonathan Engineered Solution is a certified AS9100 manufacturer for the Aerospace industry.  Lightweight solutions provide reduced aircraft weight equating to increased fuel savings and significant noise reduction for the design engineers.  JES has developed expertise in the commercial aircraft/ business jet industry, working for years with top aircraft manufacturers.
Engineered for the aircraft industry, they have an industry-leading 128T slide system that is a lightweight slide solution with a small cross-sectional design.  JES aims to save lighter weight-savings, dimensional space and quieter operation movement.  Applications for the retracting drawers locking mechanisms in the open & closed position, and tilting the chassis drawers are a few of their capabilities.

  • Mechanical Sub-Assemblies,
  • Integrated Kits, Steel Slides, Aluminum Slides,
  • Brackets, Trays, Sheet Metal / Sheet Metal Assemblies,
  • Cable Management Systems

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Products of LeFiell Manufacturing LeFiell Manufacturing

LeFiell′s swaging machines can swage tubing from almost needle size to 18" (45,7 cm) diameter and solid bar up 4.5" (11,4 cm) diameter. LeFiell has the in-house capability to manufacture control rods, struts and Braces. These processes include swaging, Roll-Flo® heat treating and machining.

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Products of Lenso Aerospace Lenso Aerospace

Lenso Aerospace is a leading aerospace manufacturer of precision and complex aircraft components in the area of ultra-high precision machining, sheet metal fabrication and build to print assemblies.
We have been providing total manufacturing solutions to the global aerospace industry with a proven track record of technical expertise to many applications such as :
  • Avionics
  • Engine components
  • Interior components
  • Landing Gear systems
  • System Control
  • Structural components

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Products of PneuDraulics Inc. PneuDraulics Inc.

Hydraulic System Components and Sub-Systems
PneuDraulics has been supplying the aerospace industry with high quality hydraulic system components for over 60 years such as actuators, manifolds, reservoirs, accumulators, solenoid valves, priority valves, shuttle valves, fuses, relief valves, pressure reducing valves and various other custom designed components to meet unique customer requirements. Key products are:
  • Accumulator,
  • Isolation Valve,
  • Shuttle Valves,
  • Hydraulic Fuse,
  • Lavatory Drain Valves,
  • Shuttle Manifold,
  • Downlock Actuator,
  • Main Hydraulic System Manifold,
  • Flow Regulator,
  • Nose Wheel Steering Unit,
  • Spool Valve,
  • Solenoid valves,
  • Gun Port Door Actuator,
  • Power Pack, Swivel,
  • Hydraulic Compensator

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The Young Engineers - TYE - is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of aircraft and aerospace hardware, with a primary focus on fasteners for honeycomb panels and composite structure. Our extensive product line consists of various industry-standard and proprietary molded-in, mechanically attached, floating nut and floor panel inserts, along with tensile fasteners, magnetic fasteners, and vibration dampening fasteners. Parts are designed and manufactured in the USA and are produced from a wide range of metals and high-strength plastics.

•    potted-in
•    mechanically attached
•    through hole
•    blind fasteners
•    installation

TYE has developed many lightweight fastener types, made from both plastics and metals, including a range of RoHS- and REACh-compliant fasteners. These lightweight designs result in significant weight savings over traditional honeycomb panel fasteners, and in some cases, have the added benefit of eliminating galvanic corrosion in wet environments.

TYE is ISO9001:2008, AS9100C and Nadcap certified, is USA FAA TAO C148 authorized, and holds significant OEM approvals.

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Products of Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.

Aircraft and Helicopters Lighting
WHELEN has developed a complete range of products for aircrafts and helicopters internal and external lighting:

  • Power Supplies
  • Halogen or Strobe Tubes
  • Light Emitting Diodes LED

These products can easily replace original equipment. This is especially interesting with LED, as they allow a better luminescence with a lower consumption. Moreover, LED allow :
  • to reduce the weight of the aircraft by reducing the size of the Power Supply (Generator)
  • to increase life, up to 10 000 hours in some applications
  • to reduce damages due to shocks and vibrations, because there is no filament
  • to cancel EMI or RFI interference

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